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Every member of UNITIATE is invited to join the UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT (UIU).

UIU is a tool where research papers, interviews and case studies are posted, examined and discussed regularly among members. This forum enables participants to reflect and debate current market trends, events and policies.

UNITIATE  Creating and Sharing Business Intelligence and Data

UIU based its content on 3 pillars:

  • Students research projects: each student is responsible to choose a topic to present to the community
  • Mentors pieces: active businessmen are invited to present projects they are  working one, issues they are facing, etc.
  • Current issues: collaboration with authors, journalists, business minds and more help keeping this section vibrant and a solid base forquality information

All content opens to a forum session where members can exchange and continue the discussion.

Every student member and every member is invited to publish at least one post per year. Invited guests writers from the business world are welcome to propose new angles and new topics for the community to grow.
The post is reviewed by an internal committee and put online.

The content of UIU is automatically published and sent to student members and mentors of UNITIATE. Posts are accessible online, on the private section of the website.

Guests can access the content of UIU on the online platform by registering and proving their identity.

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Leveraging on an international network

To operate and support its activities, UIU is constantly expanding its network of international partners and suppliers: banks, consumer brands, fashion labels, hotels, airlines, and more.
These acclaimed brands use UIU as an instrumental platform to perform recurrent or ad hoc studies. Those studies enables the partners to gain a valuable cross-expertise and international perspective on their business.

Offering top performers a kick start to their careers

UNITIATE is an international platform to develop the business and social skills of senior college students.

The program is made of 10 online sessions where select students in the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law are invited to meet with their respective industry leaders and peers for one-on-one discussions that will facilitate early career development and opportunities.

UNITIATE provides a business-savvy, value-driven environment that places personal growth and sharing at the forefront while developing strong analytical capabilities in participating students. Networking relationships made possible by the program will support the young graduates throughout their careers.

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